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The EA Resource Center provides an online venue where pastors and members of EA churches can find and share ideas and  practical ministry resources that they have found helpful in their local congregations.  We encourage all EA pastors and affiliated churches to use the EA Resource Center to network together in resource sharing to help develop and equip healthy, missional churches  for Kingdom advancement.

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Rules for Participation

To participate in the EA Resource Center you must be affiliated with the Evangelical Association either as an individual member or as an active member of a recognized church with standing in the Evangelical Association.  When you join the EA either as a pastor/individual or as an affiliated congregation you will receive from the National Minister’s Office your own personal Username and Password to unlock the members only section of the EA Resource Center.  This log in will provide for “viewing only” of resources available.

If you would like to assist the EA Resource Center in posting ideas and resources that you have found helpful in your local ministry and would like to share them with others, then contact the National Minister’s Office and we will offer you your own “associate” Username and Password to enable you to post materials.  Contact the National Minister’s Office for more details.

Passwords will expire at the EA affiliation renewal deadline (February 15) of each year.  New passwords will be issued upon receipt of membership renewal forms at the National Minister’s Office.


EA Resource Center categories include:

  • Celebrating the Church Year & Other Biblical Holidays
  • Christian Education (Adult & Children’s Sunday School, Confirmation, etc.)
  • Church Leadership, Vision Casting, etc.
  • Church Member Assimilation, Vitality & Retention
  • Church Planting in the EA
  • Church Renewal and Growth Resources
  • EA Book of Worship
  • Help!  We’re an Evangelical Church in a Liberal Denomination.  Where Do We Go From Here? (And How Do We Get There?)
  • Help! We’re an Independent Church.  Now What?
  • Local & Global Missions Resources
  • Ordination & Licensing Procedures
  • Outreach & Evangelism Ideas and Resources
  • Pastoral Care Issues and Resources
  • Pro-Life Ministry Resources
  • Small Group & Fellowship Ministries
  • Strengthening the Biblical Definition of Christian Marriage in Your Church
  • Worship, Music & Technology
  • Youth Ministry Resources, Ideas and Issues

Please note: that the resources in the EA Resource Center are not officially endorsed by the EA, but are recommendations by individual EA pastors and local affiliated churches.  Only those items contributed by the “National Minister” are officially endorsed by the EA.

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