We believe that it is important to meet together as the Body of Christ for worship, Christian education, fellowship and encouragement.  We meet annually for a National Convocation and at Regional Gatherings across the country.  Our time together is devoted to praising God and strengthening the Body of Christ.  We do not engage in making pronouncements or passing resolutions that can divide. We join together solely for the purpose of lifting up God and each other!

Listed below are descriptions of EA events held around the country:

Reformation 500 Celebrations


2017 EA National Convocation | September 15-17, 2017 | Lexington, North Carolina

The 2017 EA National Convocation will celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Our Reformed faith will be spotlighted during worship, and Dr. Gary Hansen, will lead two workshops related to the Reformation: “Speaking Christianity as A Second Language” which focuses on the Heidelberg Catechism and “Great Themes of Reformation Theology for Today.”

Download the Event Brochure and Registration Forms.

500 The Gospel Rediscovered: Reformation Bible Conference | September 29-30, 2017 | St. Paul Evangelical Church, Cibolo, Texas

Featured Speakers, Dr. Dunkin Rankin, Rev. Dr. John Richter and Rev. Jim Barnes

Download Event Poster  and  Event Brochure and Registration Form


Ref500 Gospel Revival | October 29-30, 2017 | Boger Reformed Church, Concord, North Carolina

Featuring Evangelist, Scott Smith and Musical Guests, David McClintock and Strings of Victory.

Download the Event Brochure

National Convocation


National Convocation is a three day event (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) held the third weekend in September.  Convocation features dynamic worship, concerts by Christian artists, biblical preaching and teaching by top notch keynote speakers, informative workshops that help equip local churches and leaders in a variety of topics, networking with pastors and churches from around the country, and fellowship.  National Convocation is the perfect time for pastors and lay members of local churches to take a Sabbath rest, refuel their spiritual batteries for ministry, and connect with EA members from all around the country.

Lighthouse searchlight beam through marine air at night

2017 EA National Convocation | September 15-17, 2017 | Lexington, North Carolina

Download the Event Brochure and Registration Forms.


Regional Gatherings


Regional Gatherings are day long events held in various parts of the country usually in the Spring.  Regional Gatherings are like mini-Convocations in that they feature much of the same type of worship, teaching, instructional workshops and networking that National Convocation does, but on a smaller scale. These are great events to connect and network with EA members and churches within regional areas.  Watch your email or the Networker newsletter for info on upcoming Regional Gatherings in your area.

 2017 North Carolina Regional Gathering | April 22 | 9:00 am-3:00 pm | Shallow Ford Christian Church, Elon, NC | Download Event Brochure & Registration Forms

EA Company of Pastors

The Company of Pastors is a group for E.A. Pastors to find support, encouragement, and mutual accountability among colleague’s. Being part of this “company” means making a covenant with one another as pastor’s to commit to following a Pastoral Rule that includes studying scripture together and participating in online discussions of the text, praying the Psalms daily, and reflecting together on the confessions of faith that are common to our Evangelical, Reformed, Congregational, and Christian Church heritage.

Download a copy of “Praying Through the Psalms,”  “A Pastoral Rule of Life” &  “The Pastoral Covenant” to sign.   Contact to sign-up to a part of the group and to inquire for further information.  Please join us.


EA Clergy Clusters


Being a pastor can be challenging without the fellowship, support and accountability of other clergy and their spouses.  EA pastors and spouses gather at various locations around the country on a monthly basis for the fellowship of a good meal, and a time of prayer support and sharing of faith, family and frustrations.  Many  pastors wouldn’t miss these times of fellowship for anything.  Cracker Barrel seems to be a popular venue for many Clergy Clusters to gather, but any location will work.

Contact the National Minister’s Office to help locate or start up an EA Clergy Cluster in your area: 877-424-1472 or


Traveling Seminars

“New Life for Old Churches”


Is there hope for the church that needs to experience a turnaround?  Can a church that has started to stagnate begin to experience new life and be revitalized to meet the demands of the 21st century?  The Answer is “yes,” but such a transformation will rarely be easy.  EA National Minister Jim Barnes has put together a half day seminar to help participants consider the blessings of becoming a turnaround church while also looking carefully at the barriers that easily stop a church in its tracks from ever moving forward.

Saturday, August 26, 2017 – Concord, North Carolina – Download event brochure

Contact the National Minister’s Office for more information and/or to schedule this traveling seminar for your church or area: 877-424-1472 or




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