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2018-2019 EA Desk Calendar and Ministry Planner

17 month, spiral bound, print edition with EA Missionary directory

$15.00 each  (1-2 copies)

$13.00 each  (3-5 copies)

$12.00 each  (6 or more copies)



 2018-2019 EA Digital Calendar and Ministry Planner

17 month, PDF Format Digital Download for use on iPad & tablets, with EA Missionary directory

Read Revised Common Lectionary readings powered by Bible Gateway.  Add personal notes and appointments to editable calendar dates.

Requires free Adobe Reader app installed on your mobile device.

$10.00 each



Daily Prayer Book

A daily prayer guide with 3-year Scripture Reading Plan and reflection on questions from the Evangelical Catechism, Heidelberg Catechism and Luther’s Small Catechism.

Produced by the EA Company of Pastors for both laity and clergy to deepen one’s prayer life.

Download the EA Company of Pastors Brochure and Pastoral Covenant that accompany this book. Reflect on the daily readings and prayer with other pastors at the Company of Pastors Facebook Group.

$10.00 each




Heidelberg Catechism

This 450th Anniversary Edition of the Heidelberg Catechism is a fresh translation from the 1563 German and Latin texts and is an ecumenical effort recommended for use in Reformed and Presbyterian churches today.

View Sample

Published and sold by Faith Alive Resources

$9.00 each

Books by EA Authors


An Advent Book Journal

Chuck Huckaby



Four Foundation Stones    Holy Baptism                      40 Days with Christ         Christ Is Our Passover

Thomas Hendershot           Thomas Hendershot          Thomas Hendershot            Thomas Hendershot

$6.92                                      $6.92                                      $6.92                                      $6.09

    Healing Wounded Spirit    Doors  

James                                         Healing the Wounded        Doors                                  All Glory and Honor

Bryson Bell                                Earl Hocquard                     Thomas Hendershot        Barbara Duncan

$11.95                                         $14.40                                   $6.09                                  $14.95

Light in the Darkness   Satisfied    1 & 2 Thessalonians    My Prayer With You

Light in the Darkness          Satisfied                            1 & 2 Thessalonians              My Prayer With You Today

Ron Shifley                           Stephen Disher               Thomas Hendershot             Allen Tyndall

$5.99                                      $12.99                                      $7.99                                        $14.99

Dating Doesn't Have to Be    Seeing From the Summit   Building A Church    Giving Life to Vision

Dating                                      Seeing From the…             Building A Church…           Giving Life to Vision

Earl E Hocquard                       Marty Guise                       Marty Guise                        Marty Guise

$8.99                                         $18.00                                 $14.99                                $17.00

Must Jesus Bear the Cross        Saitns in Strange Situations

Must Jesus Bear…                Precious Pearls of Faith           First Corinthians               Saints in Strange…

Bryson Bell                           Barbara Duncan            Thomas Hendershot      Thomas Hendershot

$5.99                                      $17.95                                        $6.99                                $7.27

 Samach   Possessing the Land   Ministry to the Sick     Bigelow-book-201x300

Samach                              Possessing the Land           Ministry to the Sick             A Pastor’s Viewpoint

Thomas Hendershot       Thomas Hendershot           Thomas Hendershot          John H. Bigelow

$5.99                                   $6.50                                     $7.75                                     $25.00

Blessed in the Valley  Covenant Confidence    Psalms Hymns   

Blessed in the Valley          Covenant Confidence      Psalms, Hymns and…     Israel: Land of the Bible

Thomas Hendershot           Thomas Hendershot       Thomas Hendershot        Bryson Bell

$8.99                                       $6.77                                  $5.38                                   $21.95

Worshipping Working and Waiting   Worthy of the Kingdom    Guarding Your Heart   The Shamar Blessing

Worshiping, Working         Worthy of the Kingdom       Guarding Your Heart        The Shamar Blessing

Thomas Hendershot           Thomas Hendershot            Thomas Hendershot        Thomas Hendershot

$6.29                                       $6.99                                       $6.09                                  $5.99

Evangelical Essentials

Thomas Hendershot



Music by EA Recording Artists


A Tribute to Mount Zion

Bryson Bell

$8.00 (email to purchase)

EA Witness Wear & Gifts | EA Faith Roots Collection  Bookstore & Music


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