EA churches network to provide hurricane relief

Submitted by Rev. Chad Kyler

On October 4th, 2018 members from three EA congregations in North Carolina, Mt. Hope, Lyerly Evangelical, and Boger Reformed headed off to Riegelwood N.C. to help distribute supplies, and food as part of the Project 10,000 hurricane and flood relief effort. The event was hosted by Riegelwood Baptist Church (S.B.C.)

We raised $12,000 from EA churches around the country as well as an additional $3000 from non-EA churches in N.C. in order to purchase buckets, cleaning supplies, mattresses for the elderly, and hot meals for those seeking assistance. We served 500 meals, and handed out 500 copies of the Gospel of John, and had the opportunity to pray with many of the people who came to the event. In addition a local Christian businessman donated two tractor trailers full of canned goods, and supplies, and sent 12 of his company’s employees to help with the distribution.

This was a very successful event and we would like to thank these EA churches who contributed to the effort financially:

St. Paul’s Reformed of Maryland

St. James Reformed of North Carolina

Lyerly Evangelical of North Carolina

Mt. Hope Reformed of North Carolina

St. Paul’s Evangelical of Texas

Paul’s Chapel Reformed of North Carolina

St. John’s Evangelical of Alabama

Rodgers Park Reformed of North Carolina

Cross Community Church of Indiana

St. Paul’s Reformed of North Carolina

Boger Reformed of North Carolina

First Reformed of North Carolina

Again thank you for your generous help and God bless your congregations!

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