2017 All Saints Day Poll Results


Martin Luther and St. Patrick are the most popular saints (faith heroes) in the Evangelical Association according to an “EA All Saints Day Facebook Poll” conducted on November 1, 2017 on the EA’s Facebook Group Page.  Fellow Reformer, John Calvin, rounded out the top three vote geters for the day.

The poll may not represent the majority of members, pastors or churches in the Evangelical Association since only a very small number of EA pastors and members took part in the polling process.  Nonetheless, the poll does suggest that faith heroes from throughout the ages of Church history still provide inspiration for contemporary Christians in their faith walk with the Lord.

Did Martin Luther receive the  #1 spot because the poll was conducted one day after the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation?   We’ll see if the results change next year when we conduct the All Saints Day Poll again in 2018.

Full results are printed in a screen shot from the Facebook Poll printed below.


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